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We sent you our Gold Live project on the E5 line and it is characterized by high specifications of construction and raw materials used Specifications:

One building in the form of a number of floors 10 floor number of apartments 60 apartments

Number of shops 9 store on two floors

Services Available) Turkish Baths / Sauna / Security 24-7 / Gyms / Cleaning Service (Located Near Both) From:

Places surrounding the project:


Located on the corner of the street connecting the two main lines E5-E6

6 minutes from the Bechashachir region

20 minutes from Ataturk Airport 15 km

25 minutes from the new third airport 10 km

It is 25 km from Taksim Square

It is 6 km from Olympic Stadium

Mosque of Sulaymaniyah 20 km

Available spaces in

The project:


2 + 1 area of 140 square meters

2 + 1 area of †<†<145 square meters

. The project is ready for delivery within a month and a half

Cash payment method:

145 square meters priced at $ 145,000

140 square meters priced at $ 140,000

Payment Method:

145 square meters priced installment $ 174,000

140 square meters Installment price is $ 168,000 where 50% is paid and the rest is paid for 12 months