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This project is located in the area of Asnioret / the city of Istanbul .. It contains 425 apartments starting from 69 m 2 to 153 m 2, (1 + 1) and 5 models, and (2 + 1) and 16 model by area. With the possibility of changing some of the details of the internal apartment as desired by the buyer ...

Consensus consists of a land area of 10729 square meters built on

40% of which are located in two picturesque towers and the green area with an area of 60% ...

Each tower of 23 floors consisting of 17 stores 425 apartments consisting of 16 different types of designs 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 in each apartment balcony (Terraz) own an area ranging from 2.5 to 2.25 meters vary in different apartment area.

Services available to owners in the complex:

Apartment owners enjoy the following services:

Sport Center

The sauna

Ways to walk nature and the arena of basketball

Football ball and a football field and a Turkish bath

Open-air parking

Closed parking

Centralized satellite system

Central Internet

Private playground for children and two big swimming pools

  Large open swimming pool

Private swimming pool for children

reception desk

Free service to the center of Essen Yurt and the Metropolis for 25 hours

24-hour concierge service and nearby projects and services:

The complex is located in the highest level of the Asnioret / Istanbul area and is very close to the following prestigious complexes:

Anovia 3.2.1

Vit Or Complex

Hüstensi State Hospital

Great Mosque of Essen Yurt

New Metro

The complex is also close to the rich signs of the following:

Mall of Marmara Park

Torium Mall

Pelican Mall

Carrefour Hypermarket

Media Market

Boushrami Dura Metro Station

Land of the exhibitions of Tueyab

It is close to the following health and educational services:

Government hospital in Asniuurt

Medibol Private Hospital in Belkaduzu and University of Asniurt

  University of Istanbul - Avglar Branch

Al Fateh Private University

University of Istanbul

University of

University of


Payment and Pricing:


There are two payment methods: • Cash payment

The prices start from $ 78.660 to $ 203.490

Installment payments start from $ 82,800 to $ 229,500

Payment of 14% of the price of the property and the remaining amount is divided into 92 months handed over the project on 2018/06/30

The company gives a guarantee to increase the project prices for the investor by 20% up to 50% during the period of construction and delivery of the project

This project is very profitable "because the company gives you written guarantees and certified contract price increase of 50% during the construction period, and in the case of the buyer wishes to sell the apartment later and benefit from the profits or lease, the company takes care of this thing

Project investment or residential very profitable. "Discounts in the sale are at the time of purchase