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Pakash is famous just 15 minutes from Ataturk Airport in northern Istanbul and only 20 km from Istanbul airport, the third largest airport in the world.

The closest residential area to the largest airport in the world.

The Turkish Institute of Statistics has confirmed that real estate prices rose 33% in the area of Pakak Shahir in 2015. This makes our distinguished location in the most important place for the largest investment opportunity.

The Yaka Valley is our quiet family complex, situated in a privileged position between the nature and well-being of cafés and restaurants within walking distance.

Ataturk Airport - 15 minutes by car

Istanbul Airport III - 20 minutes by car

Istanbul Shopping Mall - 10 minutes by car

Metro station - 2 minutes walk

Kent Metro Station - 5 minutes by car

City Hospital - 2 minutes by car

Botanical Garden - 5 minutes by car

City Center project - 5 minutes by car

Olympic area - 5 minutes by car

Olympia Mall - 2 minutes by car

1 + 1 from 352,000 Turkish lira to 390,000 l

2 + 1 Residences Unit apartment priced 628,000 l

3 + 1 from 719,000 l to 850,000 l

The project is under construction